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Heidi Beyers is a highly recommended artist and teacher with a long established art studio and visual arts school based in Glen Austin, Midrand. Heidi’s 4 Day Portrait Course and art and crafts classes are popular and well attended. These lessons include portrait painting, decoupage, sculpturing, pottery and ceramics. Heidi and husband Otto are so passionate about art that the Heidi Beyers Creative Art Holiday was created in order to to connect with aspiring and developing artists in South Africa.

Tapping into & developing our ‘sleepy’ creative talents

Artist and art teacher in Midrand, South Africa.Discovery of that artistic highway which runs through our undeveloped, ‘creative veins’ usually begins with an urge or desire to write, paint, sketch, sculpt, play an instrument or some similar form of expression. We are all born to create and it is what we create and how we create it which sets us apart from the rest or on a level with the best.

  • Tel: +27 73 250 1040
  • Address: Glen Austin, 1685, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
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Art Classes, Portrait Workshops & Art Holidays

Art is so much more than just an expression of self, our views and a portratit of our thoughts which we display to the world in various visual formats. hese include:

  • Drawing – pencil & charcoal
  • Painting – pastel, acrylics & oils
  • Sculpture and pewter work
  • Fabrics & Ceramics – Fabric & ceramic painting
  • Pottery – handwork (items fired in our own kiln)
  • Decoupage, Mosaic & Gilding

Heidi Beyers Art Gallery

Coming Soon ..

Our creative processes can be a comforting, relaxing and healing aspect of ourselves. The more we tap into it and train it … nurture it … the more aware we become aware of the enormous well of potential which lies within us. All it takes is a activation. In many, that urge to create is very real and alive. Heidi’s art classes take place every week.

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