Profiling Air Goes cc – A Comprehensive Air Conditioning & Ventilation Service

Air Goes cc Profile

Air Goes cc is an air conditioning (comfort cooling), heating, duct and ventilation specialist located in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. A Company with a collective experience of 35 years in the ventilation and heating and cooling industries, Air Goes cc has the knowledge and technical know-how to accurately determine your air cooling needs. Besides comfort cooling Air Goes also supplies, installs and maintains precision air conditioning units, ducting and air vents. Having completed various projects in South Africa, a number of destinations on the African continent and New Zealand, Air Goes cc’s experience extends beyond the borders of South Africa.

Air Goes cc – About the Company

Air Goes cc MidrandAir Goes cc has been in operation since 2006 and management has a combined 35 experience in the industry. The technicians are proficient in the following disciplines:

  • Domestic & Industrial Air Conditioning Supplies & Repairs.
  • Domestic & Industrial Heating Systems & Cooling Systems.
  • Comfort Cooling – Used within both the office and comfort of your home.
  • Ducting & Ventilation – Installation, maintenance and repair for workshops and factories.

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Contact Air Goes

  • Tel: 011 805 3451
  • Email: Scroll down to send an email
  • Physical Address: 538 Jolly Cres, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 – Gauteng, South Africa
  • Website:
  • Social Media:


Staff Training & Skills

The Air Goes installation teams install new units, remove and re-install units, service, maintain and repair mid wall split, under ceiling split, cassette splits, hideaway splits and floor standing splits. We keep our technical skills honed with ongoing training as technology keeps changing.

Compliant with the requirements of Merseta and MEIBC (Metal Industrial Bargaining Council).

Certifications, Associations & Partners

  • HVAC. Accra, Ifihlile, Samsung Training Centre, LG Training Centre
  • Belong to MEIBC (Metal Engineering Industry Bargaining Council)
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Contracts are insured through Hollard
  • Public liability for R2 000 000 and can be increased
  • Subscribed to SEESA Human Resources
  • SEESA – Staff equity and skills Upliftment
  • Registered with MERSETA
  • SHE compliant, Gas certificate, Scaffolding certificate, First Aider, Fire Fighter, Health and Safety
  • Certificates and Product specific training
  • Mentor P1 learner-ships for the required 6 month – 12 months period.

Air Conditioning, Duct & Ventilation Services

Air-Conditioner Repairs

As we are not Brand bound the various repairs are sourced from different suppliers. This would be all working parts from various disciplines e.g.electronic components, electrical components, capacitors, fans, fan barrels, fan housings, compressors, coils, thermostat controls, pc boards, water pumps, leaking copper pipes, leaking water piping, louvres, remotes, filters, bag filters.

Warranty on workmanship.

  • Warranty on External units subject to Suppliers Standard Terms and Conditions – 1-3 years
  • Warranty on compressors subject to Suppliers Standard Terms and Conditions. 1 – 10 years
  • Professional Services with ongoing training and development to keep up with technological advancements.
  • Flushing of systems to limit build up of dirt in the system when changing compressors.
  • Pulling vacuum for compressor changes in line quality Assurance checks. (Pressure testing).
  • Environment friendly products used in servicing.
  • Servicing of air conditioning units to keep office air quality healthy within living and working environments

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Maintenance & Servicing

Regular Service includes:

Air filter cleaning; Heating and cooling function checked; Thermostat control checked; Fan motor checked Outdoor; Fan motor checked Indoor; Fan blades checked; Condenser coil wash; General cleaning of evaporator unit. Check that condenser is clear of debris.

Major Service includes:

High pressure chemical clean on the condenser coils; Cleaning evaporator and condenser fan blades; Clean drain pipes to prevent algae build-up; Filter cleaning; Check refrigerant charges; Check and set off coil temperatures; Check electrical connections; Report on any faults found. General cleaning of unit. Heating and cooling function checked; Fan motor/s checked; General cleaning of evaporator unit.